Photo Shoots

It has been so busy around here, but I’ve fit in a few photo shoots.

These clients already have their pictures and loved them.  I still have one more session to edit.

This young lady was to be in her uncle’s wedding, but got sick the day of so she was able to attend.  Her Grandmother asked me to take shots of her since she didn’t get any wedding shots.


See the rest

The next shoot is from a referral.  The Mom and Dad weren’t sure I’d be able to get a good shot of the younger one… but I got a few.  They were quite happy with the results!

The others.


6 thoughts on “Photo Shoots

  1. Great job and great subjects!!! All those little cuties!

    Purple- love the first one of her on the leaning on the railing and her walking away by herself.

    Boys-You know I love the rock throwing one and you got great ones of the little one! I love it when the parents are surpised!

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