Not a Mammoth

For the last three years the girls have planted sunflowers in their garden.  This year we were ON THE BALL and planted the seeds early so that we were sure to get the Mammoth size that we wanted.  Once the weather warmed we planted them in their home.  We watered and watched them grow.

But too our shock this week we noticed that the Mammoth Sunflowers we planted were getting ready to bloom!!  They aren’t even as tall as Ms. S!

I’m not sure why they are blooming so early.  The other variety we planted are still growing tall, so we have hope that they will do what they should.  And yes, we checked the package… we did buy the right seeds.  Any thoughts why they are so short????


3 thoughts on “Not a Mammoth

  1. I’m not getting the height I’m expecting from many plants this year – too cool/grey and there is a distinct lack of flowers throughout my garden 😦 Just bought a tray of greenhouse ones so at least I’ll have some colour on my patio.

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