Amazing Zip Line

Mr. C and Ms. A are going to camp this summer for the first time.  This weekend the camp had an open house so we could check it out and show them the “lay of the land”.  My parents came out with us to check it out too and we had a great time.  Suddenly the countdown to camp has become even more exciting!

We toured the camp and got to enjoy many things there, but the boys were eyeing the 50 foot rock wall the most so we headed there last.  They both thought of climbing it and then taking the zip line down, but in the end Mr. C was the one who did it… shocking us all!  I, of course, had my camera and I handed my phone to Rich to video tape it.

Mr. C scaled the wall amazingly fast.  He is so strong and much more confident than me… I’m not sure I could have made it to the top!

This one you can see how high he was… yes, I was scared…. LOL

Once you get to the top the way to get down is on the zip line.  Mr. C said it was windy up there and the tower shook quite a bit.  Once he got on the edge the counselor tells him he can go whenever he is ready.  {I totally would have backed out at this point}.  I am so proud!

You can see his excitement and pride that he did it!

Camp for Mr. C begins June 17th and couldn’t come quick enough {Ms. A goes July 1st}.  It is going to be a great week and I’m sure he will do it again!



9 thoughts on “Amazing Zip Line

  1. Wookie is jealous and said he hoped that Mr C shouted something appropriate as he slid down the zipline – suggested “COW A BUNG A” but I think that shows his age.

    Hope the kids have a great time at camp – it looks fun.

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