Knitting the Hoodie

The hoodie I told you about a few weeks ago is going well.  I had started it and then Tracy got me reading some books {BTW girl, I finished the next one… have you started it?} and I put the knitting aside.  The back went together easily and I finished the front yesterday.

I like the design, simple, yet a nice detail.  I think you could change that center panel to something fancier with a little yarn over or a cable.  I’m really hoping I made this the right size.  If not, maybe it will motivate me to get back into seriously watching what I eat…

By the time you read this, I hope that the hoodie part is done and I’m sewing it together.  Really not sure why they designed the hood separate.  Seems it would have been better to pick up stitches and do it that way… but like a recipe I tend to follow patterns the way they are written the first time!


7 thoughts on “Knitting the Hoodie

  1. Looks really good! Someone gave me several skeins of light teal lightweight yarn. I have not a clue what to do with it. Not enough to make a hoodie, that’s for sure. But I can’t figure out what to make. Any ideas? <–because you are all knowing

    • You sew it with the yarn and a yarn needle. I prefer to make items that are one piece, and if I made it again I would probably do more on a circular needle to save sewing. I don’t like the bump it leaves, but I did get it all sewed together today and got it pretty flat at the seems. And it fits!

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