Knitting… not Knitting…

I’ve been pouring over knitting patterns and books lately.  Online at Raverly, and new books found at the library looking for that next project that my hands so want to be knitting…

The baby book had some cute patterns all made from Cascade yarn which is just lovely yarn to knit with and something I could easily get my hands on.  Baby projects are fun to make and quick, but I’m not sure that is what I want to knit right now.

What I’m looking for is a sweater or something for me.  I’m only ever knit socks for myself, and I really loved them.  I’ve had yarn for almost 2 years for a sweater… but never found “the” one.  The book from the library had two cute ones that I liked.  This one, just not sure I’d like the stripes:

And this one:

I love the hoodie on the back, I love hoodies.

But neither of them use the yarn I already have.  What’s a girl to do?


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