One Frog, Two Frogs… Many Frogs

Many of you know that Mr. C loves frogs.  This has been his favorite animal for many years and the animal he wishes to work with some day in the zoo {or help conserving them somewhere}.  The other day I was helping the boys reorganize their room and decided to take a picture of his collection.  It is amazing how many different one he has collected over the years.

Here’s the whole group including a pillow he made with my Mom a few years ago.

Some close-ups… the one on the bottom right is one I brought back from Alabama when I visited Tracy.

He has soap, a candy dish, pencils, paper…

The purple one has a stick that goes with it to make a sound like a frog.

His smallest one was given to him by his best friend.  Mr. C keeps this one hidden so it doesn’t get lost.  Luckily he remembered it was there before we moved the collection and lost it.  See how small it is –

All in all he has over 50 frogs and then there are the ones that are stored as they are Christmas ornaments.  I did crochet him a stuffed one and also made a washcloth with a tree frog knitted in the pattern.  What a collection!


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