Chocolate Friday: Chocolate Banana Tortilla

I have a surprising secret to share with you.  On Thursday afternoon my son asked me what was for Chocolate Friday {because I usually make it on Thursday}.  I looked at him and thought for a moment and THEN REALIZED THAT IT WAS THURSDAY!!!  I had NO plans for Chocolate Friday!

I guess after our week of guests I was enjoying my “not do much” week {although I did get ALOT done} and just forgot the days of the week.  Really, where did this week go… it went by so fast.

So I looked at what I had on hand and just made something up… on my own.  Scary, cause that is SO NOT ME.  And guess what… it turned out delicious.  If it would have been a flop I wonder if I would have shared it.  Hmmm…

Not sure the name suits it, so if you have a better name for me, let me know!

Chocolate Banana Tortilla

  • 2 tortillas
  • chocolate hazelnut spread
  • 1 banana
  • toasted almonds

Heat a griddle or pan large enough to hold your tortilla.  Spread both tortillas with chocolate hazelnut.  Cut banana thinly and place evenly on one tortilla then sprinkle with almonds.  Place on heated griddle and place other tortilla chocolate side down on top.  Press together.  Heat till first side browns nicely, then flip.  Again, heat till second side browns nicely.  Cut as you wish {I had a large tortilla so I did 8 triangles}.  Serve warm!

I drizzled some melted chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkled more almonds on top before serving.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Friday: Chocolate Banana Tortilla

  1. Everything sounds yummy, except the Nutella/Choco-Hazelnut spread. I don’t like Hazelnuts. Which is surprising and has taken me a while to actually narrow down. I could always use the Chocolate Almond spread instead.

    So I have two things on my list I don’t care for. Cilantro and Hazelnuts. 🙂

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