A Different Dog

One hot dog glad someone dug a cool hole for her!!

It’s been a long time since we had a puppy.  The last time we did we had an acre of land and quickly trained the dog on the invisible fence.  But Hershey has been a different story.

  • We have a city lot, no fence
  • She is amazingly strong for such a shorty
  • Her energy level is HIGH

In finding ways to walk her without getting yanked down to our knees we came across the gentle leader last year.  She did not like it very much but it made us be able to take her for walks and keep her under control.

BUT SHE HATED IT.  She tried getting it off, she would yawn when you tried to put it on her, and if on too long she would end up getting really frustrated.

While we were camping she had enough.  She was over stimulated with all the people and the gentle leader put her over the edge on the first hike we tried to take her on.  She was trying to get it off and scratched herself and was bleeding.  So we hiked without her.  Then we went to W*lmart {cause what camp ground doesn’t have a W*lmart near it!}.

We chose to try a harness for her this time.

Oh my… she was a different dog.  She walked nicely, she wasn’t worried about people coming near us, she listened.  It was crazy.  After a few days she still doesn’t mind us putting it on her.  Wish we would have tried this months ago!


8 thoughts on “A Different Dog

  1. Aww..poor pup! We use a harness for Lucy….if we used a regular collar with a leash, she would choke herself when we tried walking her. The harness is fabulous!!

  2. Hmmm…may have to remember that one. One of our dogs is not a problem, the other is sheer muscle and we all have a hard time handling him. Of course he also tests the underground fence for weakspots (just like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park)

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