Menu Planning Monday

Here’s my two week dinner plans.  Once again, let me know if there is a recipe you’d like and I’ll share – although some of them I’ve linked this week as I did some internet searching this week.  My FIL is coming for a visit too, so I planned some special meals for those days.

Monday – Complete BBQ Chicken Crock Pot

Tuesday – My Anniversary – dinner out I hope!

Wednesday – Lentil Tacos

Thursday – Cranberry Chicken

Friday – Savory Sweet Roast

Saturday – Hamburgers

Sunday – not sure

Monday – Linda’s BBQ Chipped Ham

Tuesday – Honey Hoisin Chicken

Wednesday – Spaghetti

Thursday – Italian Chicken and Rice

This week I’m linking up to Organizing Junkie this week.  You know, I’ve seen this on other people’s sites and never looked it up.  Maybe I’ll get some new ideas!  Click on the image to check it out!


3 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I’ve linked up a few times with OrgJunkie, there are plenty of links to follow, thanks for sharing yours, I’m going to look up the Italian Chicken and Rice, sounds YUMMY!

  2. Happy few hours early anniversary!!!! He better take you out for dinner!! If you were closer to me, I would keep those kiddos for the night so y’all could get away. 🙂

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