Cool Library Find

While browsing our local library yesterday we came across this containers.  At first glance I thought the library had gotten in some new books on CD.  I was checking them out as my boys like to listen to a book when they go to bed.  It’s then that I realized they are not books on CD.

They are put out by a company called Play Away and are pre loaded mp3 players.  For the library, all you have to supply is your own AAA battery and ear buds then listen away.  How cool.  The boys each checked one out and tonight instead of having to decided whose book to listen too they can each listen to their own!  They could also listen to one together still since we have external speakers.  From the company’s website they have titles for littles (like Curious George) to adults.

I checked out the website and they do sell to the public also.  However, they are a bit pricey – at least for me.  Let’s say I wanted a Debbie Macomber book.  I can get one book on Play Away for $65 or go over to Amazon and get 3 books on CD for $25.  Now I understand Play Away is charging me for the convenience of it being on a handy portable player which would be cool when I’m working out, but it is certainly something I could do for far cheaper.  I went and checked Borders and I could get one book for $25 downloaded (and I know NOTHING about downloading, so there maybe other sites… I’ve never download a song or anything for my MP3… just used my CD’s).

So for the resource the library is provided – very sweet.  To own them myself… I think I’ll pass and let my WONDERFUL local library purchase them instead!  These will be great when we have our long trip to South Carolina!

9 thoughts on “Cool Library Find

  1. Great find! I love using the library… I read a book in an hour or two so to buy books new, or even used, would be a major expenditure! My library also participates in an online download service – you can download the “book on tape” onto your mp3 player and its good for 3 weeks- there are different groups for each state (not sure where you are), but your librarian should know.

  2. Our library has these. My old library also allowed for FREE on-line downloads to your MP3 player but you have to have a converter program.

    I use iTunes and download when things are on sale! I got the abridged Redeeming Love version for $5.95 when my book club was reading it. That way I could loan out my 2 copies and refresh my memory since I had already read it TWICE, and still discuss it! So, cool!

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