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I’m back in the swing of things and back to grocery shopping every two weeks.  Although I liked only planning for one week at a time, I hated grocery shopping EVERY Saturday.  My goals for the new year are:

  • make at least two freezer meals in the two week period
  • use more coupons… can’t decided how to do this.  I’ve done Grocery Game, but never successfully – I don’t like the grocery store they have on the list and seriously all the rules for CVS/Walgreens freak me out.  Any suggestions???
  • try to plan out my breakfast/lunch/snacks better so I can stay on track maintaining my weight

Here’s what we are having the next two weeks.  I only list the main dish.

Sunday – WW Crock Pot Chops

Monday – Apple Pancakes

TuesdaySloppy Vernas {possibly double and freeze half}

Wednesday – Eat @ church

Thursday – Veggie Potato Soup

Friday – Taco Soup {freezer meal}

Saturday – Chicken Pot Pie {Hungry Girl recipe}

Sunday – Melt in Mouth Chuck Roast

Monday – Meatloaf {freezer meal}

Tuesday – Katelyn’s Spaghetti Sauce {freeze half} Serve with Kids Choice Meatballs

Wednesday – Eat @ church

ThursdayStuffed Shells {already in freezer}

Friday – Leftovers, pizza… something easy – Rich is having wisdom teeth pulled!

11 thoughts on “Back to Menu Planning

  1. I’ve challenged myself to empty out the freezer and cupboards this month. It’s been quite a journey trying to be creative with whats there rather than buying more and more stuff, but I think planning ahead makes all the difference. Good job!

  2. I love the goal of making at least 2 freezer meals in 2 weeks. I think I’ll track down and try some new recipes for freezer meals. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Sounds like a good 2 weeks!

    As for upping your coupon use – keep every single insert/coupon you have until it expires. And when you plan your shopping list, check with this coupon database to see if and where there are coupons for a specific item. If there’s a coupon out there, this database will most likely have it on file!

    And yes, CVS and WAGS do have odd and scary rules! I’d suggest doing one or two deals per week/just when you can use what’s on sale – and feel free to email me if you have questions! 😉

    Oh – and I gave you an award because you are so awesome! 🙂

  4. #1 ONLY do Walgreens and one grocery store, that is good enough!

    #2 I’ll be right over, for Sloppy Verna’s! But I would like to know how you double and freeze half? I double and my family of 4 eats it ALL! I only have leftovers when I triple is, but that gets expensive!

    #3 Great job! I ma getting ready to work on mine too!

  5. I’m about to do the opposite. I usually try and shop for 2 weeks but now I’m going to try weekly. I blow my budget when I shop every 2 weeks then I’m out of budget $ when we run out of milk and bread. Sooo I’m going to try and spend just $200 a week and nothing else. we’ll see how that goes! We have been saving $ since we cut out fast food thanks to w/w!

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