Can Food Challenge

Rich and I are commanders of our church’s Awana program.  This month we had a challenge for the clubs.  They had to bring in can food for our church’s food pantry.  The winning club would then get to pick someone to put a whip creme pie in Rich’s face.

The clubs did a great job.  Overall we brought in 160 items.  The Cubbies took the “gold” home though winning by two cans!  The other clubs were disappointed as Cubbies lead the whole month!  Rich suited up in a plasitc bag and prepared for the pie in the face.  Since Cubbies are so short, we gave the thrower a chair to stand on.  Here they are just before he placed it on Rich’s head.

Now that first pie was a little runny.  Not sure what happened to my whip creme.  It made for a dripping mess.

But before Rich could get up our TnT Director said hold on Mr. D…. I don’t think all of the Sparks cans were counted.  He then opened a curtain and revealed a bunch more cans.  So the Sparks got to throw one in his face too.  This pie was much fluffier… so made for a better ending!

And then, the TnT Director said… but wait I found some cans that were counted for TnT too!  The curtain was pulled back  to reveal more items!  So another name was drawn from TnT and he got one last pie in the face.  I didn’t get a shot of that as the girl that threw it moved to fast.  She was worried about getting it on herself.  Here is what Rich looked liked when he “wiped” some of it off (if you missed my other picture of him cover click here).  He promptly took a shower when he got home!  It was a great success and helped the food pantry greatly!


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