What’s Cooking?


I haven’t posted my menu for a while… two reasons.  One, I had been getting really bad about making one, and two I got busy with the start up of everything.  I had to make a new plan as we are only home as a family for dinner on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The other days we are running to soccer or church.  I’m loving the way I’m doing it – I am serving dinner at lunch and then lunch at dinner.  This way the “dinner” in the afternoon can be a “on the go” meal because most days I have a wait time between activities and then I can just have dinner in the cooler.  One little man doesn’t like missing his PB&J for lunch… but he gets it at dinner… still not happy… strange child!

So here is this weeks menu starting with yesterday.

Sunday – Eggplant Parmigiana (WW way… 3 points + the points of the noodles) It was yummy!

Monday – Boys are at my Dad’s, so just me and the girls before Ms. A’s soccer game – I’m giving them Fish Sticks and Mac and Cheese

TuesdayLentil Tacos (these are SOOOO yummy even the kids liked them!)

Wednesday – Dinner at church!

Thursday – Dinner for lunch – Taco Soup (crock pot recipe)

Friday – Farmers Casserole (an egg casserole that I can make ahead)

Saturday – helping friends move and taking Easy Chili (crock pot recipe) then dinner with other friends!

I also changed up how often I shop.  Our budget works on two week cycles so I was shopping for two weeks at a time, but that was stressful to me.  So I started doing once a week and it is so much nicer.   I have to go grocery shopping more, but it’s easier to make a menu for one week versus two.

That’s all folks!


4 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

  1. I don’t think it very fair that it is “cool” enough to be making taco soup yet. We don’t have that until winter kicks in here in Louisiana. Usually around January!! HA!!! And you know what else??? I have just decided to go shopping every week also. It was just too much to go every other week, plus I tended to spend “extra” during the next week. I always have to go to the corner store for something and end up spending way to much. I think once a week grocery shopping will fix that.

    Can you post the eggplant parmigiana please???

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I only go grocery shopping every 2 weeks, as I have for YEARS. (have tried once a month and every week too…didn’t work for us). I plan a MONTH of meals and 2 weeks of groceries on pre-made grocery lists. Then I just add in the extras right before I head out to get groceries.

    I use a rotation method that keeps my pantry stocked, so I don’t HAVE to go to the grocery store between the weeks. Once in a while for bread or milk…(I send hubby on his way home from work).

    So as long as I keep it going, it works.

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