Book Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

_140_245_Book.72.coverI have read a few of Max Lucado’s books so when Thomas Nelson offered this book up to preview I jumped at the chance. He does a good job of no nonsense talking about God. Simple, straight forward, make you think books. This new book, Fearless, continues that same tradition.

Fear is something we, I think, live with daily. It may be something we can tackle – either by shoving it further back in our mind, or by looking at it full force – but it is always there. He is not talking of things like heights or bridges – but violence, not mattering to anyone, or God not being real. Max declares that in Christ we should live fearless.

“Fear may fill our world, but it doesn’t have to fill our hearts. It will always knock at the door. Just don’t invite it for dinner, and for heaven’s sake don’t offer it at bed at night.” {pg 13}

This comment just made me laugh. How true is that? We get to CHOOSE what we do with the fears we face! We don’t have to let them stay around though!  And, as Christians, we need to hold on strong knowing that God is with us in our fears and wants us to keep his eyes on him.

Some of the chapters spoke to more than others. Thankfully (and I hope you would find this true too), not every fear he covered is something that I deal with. The first one – Fear of Not Mattering – I go there too often.  Less now that I have more confidence in myself – but I do often feel that no one cares or notices me. Ouch… that’s painful to admit…. but better out than buried in my head.

Another one is Fear of Not Protecting My Kids. Any mother would be shaking her head with me now. Fear that I am parenting wrong, that my child’s simple illness will be more than simple, that someone will do harm to them… we could go on here. But Max reminds us, through a lovely story of him rocking his infant daughter, that we are to put our children in God’s hands. He gifted them to us, but we need to dedicate them back – give them back – to God and ask him to help us protect and raise them. A reminder I need.

Other chapters touched on death, God being real, financial fears along with other fears. He reminds us through scripture quotes of God’s constant reminder to not be fearful – like Luke 12:7 “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” And he ends with a wonderful psalm-like poem by William Fariss who was seven when his mom wrote the words he said. A reminder that God will not forsake his people – not forsake me.

This book could easily be used as a bible study for yourself or a group. Max Lucado provides a great discussion guide at the end for each chapter. Questions to invoke deeper thinking on the readers part and also applications for you to use in your life regarding the fear you read about.

If you are struggling with fear (and aren’t all of us), check this book out. I think it will help change your perspective and help you live Fearless.  If your still not sure, check out this video.


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