School Room 2014-15

It has been a few years since I posted a picture of our school room.  Thankfully, much has changed since that post {including my photography skills!}.

I was blessed to have a house with a room I can dedicate to our homeschooling.  It is the solarium to our almost 100 year old home.  Now, part of it can quickly switch into a studio for photographing little ones, but since I mostly shoot outdoors it is not used much.

Here is the current picture… then I’ll explain it below.

5x7 DSC_5993web

There are two sets of french doors on the right.  One set opens to the living room and the other to the dining room.  I love these not only because they are beautiful, but they have frosted glass so when they are closed no one can see in the school room.  Yes, some days, I need to hide a mess.  I am that housekeeper.  But it is not as often now that I have kids that, generally, clean up after themselves.

Where I stood to take the picture is the boys desks and where I set up my studio.  All of the studio stuff is neatly organized to the left.  The boys books are stored in their desks in a nice container.

The white table is from Rich’s family’s ice cream shop.  I love it and the two chairs that you see are from his Great Grandparents first dining set {I think}.  I have one more but it is broken.  We use the table for pictures, working with one child, coloring… all kids of stuff.  It cleans off nicely and I can even use wipe off markers on it.

The table is backed up to a cool shelf I found a few years ago at a used store.  It has lots of cubbie holes.  I should have taken a picture of it.  I have all the young readers in magazine holders, books that we use for more than one child {like science, history}, science experiment stuff, and printer supplies.

To the left of the picture is the princess dog’s throne and the first shelf Rich built for me.  It holds the printer, laminator, art supplies, puzzles, and the kid’s “special drawers”.  They each get a drawer to save art projects that are important to them.  When their drawer is full they have to figure out what goes to fit what they want to save.  I hope to some day have at least two more of these sleeves under a few of the windows {and yes, the dog is on the shelf as she thinks it is another perch for her princess tush}.

The girls desks are in the that area {they were painting when I took the picture}.  The colorful containers are more art supplies and miscellaneous  girl crafty things.

Behind the girls is my big book shelf which serves a purpose, but I really want to replace it with a shorter shelf.  I have so little actual wall space that I’d like that to be shorter so I have have the wall.  Some day… but for now it is full of school books, Awana stuff, and other things on the way top shelf that I don’t need much.

And since it was last viewed on the blog, we painted the walls blue and the trim around has magnetic chalkboard paint in it.  So much nicer than that weird color it was when we bought the house.  The piano has also moved to the dining room because the school room gets too cold in the winter.  I would like to add carpet squares to both desk ends one day… I’m always dreaming of what else I can do and sooner than I think I won’t be homeschooling anyone!