Art Class 2014

Two years ago {you should look at the link, Mr. C looks so young!} we were blessed to have a friend and wonderful art teacher host a class for a few homeschool families during the summer.  The kids all loved it and he did such a great job.

This year he said he could host it again and we have enjoyed two classes of messy art exploration.  They are working on a main project of making a mask.  It has multiple steps so we do a little bit each session and then he does another smaller project too.

Mr. J is the oldest but he LOVES art so he doesn’t care.  I love how unique each piece is and how all the ages {6-16} can participate and still end up with a great finished piece.

Mr. B begins the class with the Word of God and discusses with the class what that passage really means and relates it to the art.  He works so well with all the ages and doesn’t get flustered by the craziness like I would.  We truly are blessed to have him do this!

Fourteen Days!

Only two weeks left and my boy will be home!  I’m really missing him this week but I have two children at camp so it’s only Ms. A and I.  I think that is part of the reason.

I don’t have much to update with, but yesterday they posted a team update and Mr. C is quoted!!!

It is great here in Australia. Kangaroos are everywhere. I’m so grateful for this team, they are growing every day. I was in the evangelism group a few days ago and we handed out flowers and asked people if we could pray for them. It was great! We got to talk to so many different people. I can’t wait to come home and tell my stories.

I can’t wait until he is home too!

Here is a link to the update.  They have hopes of finishing leveling the site for the new chapel before they head back to the states…working long days.