Ultimate Frisbee

Before Mr. C went to Australia him and Mr. J started playing Ultimate.  It is a fun fast paced game that Mr. C, especially, enjoys.  So when he got back he started playing again.

Did you know there are actually leagues for this?  I didn’t.  Right now it is not league play but just a bunch of pick up games on Sunday afternoons.

Great group of ladies and gents that come out.  The splint into dark colored shirts versus light colored shirts and get playing.

Rich and I went to watch last week and figured out a few of the rules.  It is interesting to watch and the boys are exhausted after a few games!

Some of the players actually play barefoot!  I think that is crazy since they are playing in the grass and some of the players wear soccer cleats.



Chocolate Friday ~ It’s in the Skillet

Look… I’m back two weeks in a row with a Chocolate Friday recipe!

I decided that I would make something if I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already.  I had wanted to try this cookie recipe since Mr. C is such a huge fan of peanut butter and jelly.  Luckily for him {and all the kiddos} I had all the ingredients I needed.  Well, kinda.  I substituted two things.  I didn’t have chocolate chunk chips {just regular ones} and I don’t EVER have white chocolate chips unless I’m making Hot Chocolate Cookies.

White chocolate is just gross in my humble opinion.

Moving on…

This was super easy to put together.  We might have used a little too much peanut butter because it all swam to the middle of the cookie while it was cooking.  I had to take it out of the oven and spread it around again.  I think that made the middle of the cookie cook weird.  So follow the directions on that step.  Don’t over due the PB drizzle.

Everyone loved the cookie!  It had a great flavor to it.  I think it might have been too rich if I had had the chocolate chucks and white chocolate in it.  Oh, I did use strawberry jam instead of blueberry because it is what I had {homemade} and because Ms. A really dislikes all things blueberry.

You can find the recipe for Peanut Butter and Jelly Skillet Cookie on Picky Palate.