Ten on Tuesday

  1. School has been in swing for two weeks here.  We’ve worked out most of the kinks and are used to the new things we’ve added.  One got totally removed as it was not working but I found a replacement.  {Switched to Visual Latin}
  2. Mr. J got his driver’s license last Wednesday and promptly took his first solo trip {with his siblings in tow} to my parents house.  Exciting stuff… someone tell me how I got old enough to have a child driving??? {And yes, that is his phone in his hand.  He was getting ready to hand it off to Mr. C before he started driving.}IMG_20140910_120000
  3. Ms. S and Ms. A started Homeschool Band and Orchestra last week.  It will be an adjustment for Ms. S as it is a little faster paced, but I think she will do OK.  I take the class with her so I can help her along.  Ms. A also is doing choir with them and is continuing flute.
  4. The boys decided that their service project this year would be to help at our church’s food pantry.  So every Tuesday they are at the church from 6am until about 2pm.  About 150 different families come each week and they have really been enjoying working in this ministry.
  5. I have not knit in a very long time and really want to but I can’t decided what to make first.  Aack… too many projects.  I am leaning towards a blanket or maybe finishing an American Girl dress I started {if I can figure out where in the pattern I left off… who’s brilliant idea was it to NOT mark the pattern???}
  6. I also have not been reading as much lately, but I finished two books recently.  One I just saw on the library shelf that looked interesting {The Brainy Bunch}.  It was…. made me think about how I homeschool and motived a certain student when I told him some things I learned.  The other was In My Seat written by the wife of the pilot in the video I posted on 9/11.  It was a good read too.
  7. The calendar switched to September and the cold fall weather came running in to our area.  We have been in the 40’s at night.  I will not turn on my furnace though so the kiddos are learning to layer those clothes!
  8. Mr. J started ride alongs with the fire department.  He has been on four times and not ONE call.  It is a rural station but every other Fire Explorer has had a call when they have been on shift.  Maybe next time?
  9. Awana started back up last week.  It was an interesting night as we had tornado warnings all around us {and one touch down about 20 minutes away}, but we still had 60 children!  Should be another great year.
  10. Let’s see one more thing…. {tap, tap, tap}… oh yes, I started running again.  There… it’s out.  I made it the first four weeks on the C25K and then started slacking, but I am still doing it.  My bed is just so warm and comfy in the morning.  Back at it tomorrow.