Project 365 ~ 111

The girl’s got batons in their basket’s this year.  I was as excited as they were because as a child I twirled in many parades.  It was fun showing them things I remembered.

Hair Today ~ Gone Tomorrow

Some of you know that Ms. A got 10″ cut off of her hair Wednesday.  It is something she has been thinking of doing for awhile but she really loves her long hair.

She decided before we take Mr. C to Teen Missions in June should would cut it.  And then this week we were discussion how to do her hair for Easter.  I off-handed suggested she could cut it now and she was in agreement.  I was shocked.

I made the appointment and found out that the 8″ we thought she would have to cut off was actually 10″.  That made her nervous thinking it was going to be shorter than she wanted, but once the hairdresser showed her where it would be at she went with it.

Pony tail was put it and cutting began.


Ms. A wanted layers and the hairdresser did a great job.  Two days later we are still doing double takes but everyone {including her} loves it!

And the after… holding the hair she donated.  Looks so cute!

Dissection 2: Crayfish

I have to tell you that the day the animals came in the mail and we opened them we were all SHOCKED by the size of the crayfish.  Up here in the north we don’t see them much bigger than the palm of our hand.  This thing is like a mini lobster.  Crazy!

Once again we did this on Sunday with Rich around to investigate with Mr. C.  Ms. S was excused from watching at all but she did come up briefly.  She decided to hang out on the swings.

First he had to identify all the parts on the outside and if it was a boy or girl {boy}.    He did this well quickly saying the names of the different parts.

Then he got to flip it over and get inside.  There was a brief disagreement on how to get it open between father and son, but it was worked out.

He slowly identified the different parts he learned about and only had to look up the diagram once to confirm what part was the brain.  I’m still amazed how much his brain retains and he can pull out days later.

In the end it was quite the mess of parts and pieces, but as usual, he loved every moment of it.  Next up is the fish!