Project 365 ~ 210

Today is the day Mr. C comes home!!!!

I hope you are not tired of flower pictures.  I’ve been on a few hikes and the blooms are just amazing.  I have no idea what this is but the purple “bloom” is so amazing!

The Golden Hour

I have been wanting to take pictures of someone during the golden hour {the hour before sunset}.  My girl got a new dress and I thought it would be a perfect fit for what was in my brain.  Amazingly she agreed to help me out!

We have this local park that they are letting go back to prairie land that it once was.  We loaded up on some bug spray {because although the flowers and light are gorgeous the bugs are not so pleasant} and headed out.

It was so much fun capturing the light with my beautiful girl.

You could see her brighten up as I commented on how amazing the pictures were and I showed her.

Sometimes we just need reminded how beautiful we are.

Now I’m thinking I need to take Ms. S out there….