Seven Days

I can hardly believe that in seven days I will be seeing my boy again!  Fifty two days after we dropped him off in Florida he will be landing back home to tell us all about his trip… what an adventure.

Tonight they begin the trip back to the states landing in LA tomorrow around 4PM.  They have a long layover in LA so he will be able to call home before taking the final flight to Florida for the debrief days before heading home.

Yesterday an update was posted and there was a picture of the back of Mr. C.  So nice to see his curls!  He is in the red Buckeye shirt.


The update said that they ran a children’s Sunday School program at a local church and that on Monday they were going to the Australian Zoo.  I can imagine he was excited to have Monday arrive.  I hope it was everything he has dreamed all these years.

I was also blessed to receive a letter from him yesterday and he also mailed my parents one!  In my letter he told me that he “twisted his wrist and they had to wrap it” which caused him not to be able to work for two days.  The next sentence was “Please don’t worry”.  How sweet…. another story I get to wait to hear about!

Link to the most recent update

Link to update from the 17th {Mr. C is in this picture too, just have to click on it to see him.  They are all in their “Teen Mission Uniform they wear when they are out}



Horse Back Lessons

Ms. A has been dreaming of taking Horse back lessons for some time.  So for her birthday we gave her that as her gift.  She was giddy with excitement, but with our busy June, we were only able to start two weeks ago.

I didn’t embarrass her by taking my camera the first week… but I can tell you that she COULD NOT keep the smile off her face.  It cracked me up how joyful she was!  She said that she tired so hard to keep from smiling but couldn’t help it.

Last week I brought the camera in with us.  It was a bit crazy as quite a few young ladies were there getting their horses ready for a show that night.  Two were in the arena with her as she road, but she handled her horse well.

She is riding a Paso Fino horse for now.  They have a smooth gait which makes an easier ride for beginners.  I like the horse because it is shorter so she is able to reach even the top of the horse when brushing it.

Her instructor started her right off with brushing the horse down with all those brushes and even picking the yuck out of it’s feet.  I have to stop here and tell you that horse slightly freak me out and I don’t know much about them at all.  New learning curve for me….

The second week she was able to control her smile better, but you could see that she was loving life.  I don’t know much about what she is doing, but she looks like she has been doing it a long time.  Her instructor said she looks relaxed on the horse and she really does.  Crazy!

Not sure how long we will take lessons, but for now she is enjoying the time.  Great instructor who is patient and laid back.  A great fit for us.